Game of Thrones and Star Wars

What can you say about two popular symbols! While my son is a BIG fan of STAR WARS, my hubby is a fan of both! So the inspiration for this is quite obvious! These two were long overdue with requests from both. I took a few pics of the process work on the Game of... Continue Reading →


The Crown

Monday Blues???? Nah!!!! Let's get the shades of red, out!! Today I bring to you another design, which is inspired from my crown design. The Crown- Handcrafted with brass wires and agates using wire weaving, the pendant is a representation of the queen you are. Beautifully strung and held with the seed bead chain, it's... Continue Reading →

The Cascade

A new start to a new month! A new design! In shades of blue- The Cascade. Inspired by the nature, the flowing water, the rain drops, this piece also takes you on a journey back to the ancient tribal jewelry​. The choker is crafted using techniques of wire weaving and danglers attached to it. This... Continue Reading →

Artful Earrings

Beautiful framed earrings in brass wires with techniques involving wire weaving and wrapping. Completely handcrafted with love.  

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