As a child I was drawn towards art. Growing up, I saw myself move into the field of animation and made my drawings breathe life. It was a wonder and a fantasy world. Art made me passionate. I explored more and more and indulged myself in its different forms. The more I explored the more I found myself falling in love with it. I drew, I animated, and then I found wire! It gave me a new dimension!

What I was doing with pencil and paper, here I could do with wire in a different space! Wearable art! Jewelry, accessories, are what makes your whole persona! It creates the aura and speaks of the image, you wish to portray!

Art is unlimited,
Art forms are unlimited,
Art genres are unlimited,
Explorations are unlimited,
Passion is unlimited,
Love is unlimited,
Beauty is unlimited,
and for you beautiful people,
My handmade is unlimited.

Colors became life and I found myself amidst the chaotic vibrancy of colors around me. “The color chaos” was born.


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