The Crown- WIP- The Process

What starts out with a design idea and how it transforms into a wearable piece of jewelry…



It’s so mesmerizing to see how a few beads and some wire can be turned into a beautiful piece of wearable art. It can be very intoxicating too, you know! 🙂




To begin with, I like to sketch my designs, a few roughs, and then select my final design to work with. For this particular piece the inspiration came from one of my earlier design/work for crown for kids.

Once happy with the design flow, I set to work out the designs in wire. How you start your work in wire, varies with each project and also depends on person to person.

Each part of the design is meticulously crafted, the wire curved and spiraled to make an exact copy of the design.

Selection of the stones and beads for the project is an essential part which makes the whole design stand out!


Bringing together all the parts and weaving them together is so magical, not to forget that it is quite a bit of hard work! To get them all precisely aligned, to get that perfect shape, to get the neat finish, you will need that little extra effort and patience.

Weaving up the piece together with the stones and tada! you are done!






The pendant and the earrings are ready!


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