Wire Loop Tutorial

Wire Loop Tutorial by Swati Vaddadi Das

Loops are the basic of wire wrapping. A good loop goes a long way in the look of the final product that you make. There are two types of loops which are used-

  1. The simple loop
  2. The wrapped loop

Personally, I prefer working with wrapped loops (you can see that in almost all my works), since it makes the piece sturdier. With simple loops, there is always a chance of it opening under pressure, unless you are working with some heavier gauges of 18 and less. I will show how to make both these loops and depending on your project and the wires that you are using or your personal preference, you can choose which ones to use.

L1 pic 10

So, let’s start.


  • 20 gauge round brass wire (you can use copper or silver wire or any craft wire as well. For practice and when starting out, choose a wire which is cheaper and does not burn your pocket 😊)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers or Flat nose pliers
  • Nylon grip pliers (these are optional)
  • Flush cutters or cutting pliers.


Making the Simple Loop-

L1 pic 2-3


Take a 20 gauge wire of length about 4-6 inches. Use your chain nose plier or flat nose plier to make a bend at about 3.5 cm from one end.


L1 pic 4-5


Now hold the end of your wire with your round nose pliers and rotate it towards yourself.




L1 pic 7a


Round off to close the loop.





L1 pic 8

L1 pic 9


This is how it should look. And you are done!!!!! Now add beads or attach to any piece! Go ahead and create!!




Making the Wrapped Loop-


L1 pic 1



Cut a piece of 20 gauge brass wire of the length of your choice.



L2 pic 1



From one end of the wire, measure 3.5 cm and make a bend using your chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers as u did earlier for making the simple loop.




L2 pic 2-3

For making the wrapped loop, you must hold the wire at the bend you just made instead of the end of the wire as u did for the simple loop.

Hold the wire at the bend with your round nose pliers, and using your index finger, push the wire around the pliers.


L2 pic 4


And cross over.

L2 pic 6


L2 pic 7


For this next step, you can choose to use Nylon grip pliers or otherwise- A Flat nose pliers or chain nose pliers, does just the same job. Advantage of using the Nylon grip pliers is that it does not produce scratches on the wire. But u can be just a bit careful and can work equally well with flat nose or chain nose.

Hold the loop between your pliers as shown here, with the shorter side of the wire downward and away from you.



L2 pic 8a


Hold the shorter wire end and turn it towards yourself.






L2 pic 9




And push it down…








L2 pic 10



Use your fingers to push it down and up and close to the pliers.





L2 pic 11



Make one more wrap around the wire…






L2 pic 12



Use your chain nose pliers to tighten the loops.






L2 pic 14



You can use the chain nose pliers to hold the wire now and repeat one more last round.





L2 pic 15



At the end of the 3rd, use your chain nose pliers to snug it closely.







L2 pic 16



And finish it off.


You are now ready to proceed further and create …




Thank you for watching!! 😊


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  1. Wow, awesome tutorial..this is so clear and informative. You are so creative!! Can you please tell me where you bought the tools(all pliers) and wire material from?


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