Spiraled heart earring Tutorial

Spiraled heart earring Tutorial by Swati Vaddadi Das


Here’s a cute little wire wrapped heart earrings. Simple and fun to make.

HE pic 22


I am working with round brass wires here, you may choose whichever wire you are comfortable with.





  • 20 gauge round brass wires.
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Nose pliers or Chain Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutters
  • Heart shaped beads


HE pic 0.jpg

HE pic 1



The heart shaped beads I am working here with are of 15mm X 15mm size.



L1 pic 1



Cut 2 pieces of 20 gauge round wire of length 16cm.



HE pic 2



On one end of the wire, make a wrapped loop.




You may choose to make one earring at a time, but I prefer working simultaneously on the pair together as it gives me more control over maintaining the design on both. Also with earrings, it is important that the design be mirrored on the pair.

HE pic 3



Insert the wire into the bead with the looped side of the wire being on top.




HE pic 4




Bend the wire upwards just at the bottom of the bead making it perpendicular with the bead.





HE pic 5



Grab the wire at the bend with your round nose pliers and push wire around the pliers in an anti-clockwise direction.





HE pic 6



Holding the center, move your wire around it to make a circle around to make a spiral.



HE pic 7



Follow the center and make a spiral around




HE pic 9



Here we have completed 2 spirals.





HE pic 11



Gently use your thumb to shape the wire into a curve.




HE pic 12




Once curved, bring the wire around the back of the top loop.






HE pic 13





Hold the curve in position and wrap the wire over the wrap which u had done in the beginning for the top loop.








HE pic 14



Cut the extra wire close, with your cutters.





HE pic 15.jpg



Use your chain nose pliers to snug up the ends of the wire.





HE pic 16



Here you have completed one of the pair!





Let’s now do the second one, of the pair.  As I said earlier, you can choose to work on the pairs, one after the other or simultaneously. You can do the bottom spirals on both the pair simultaneously and then proceed to work it upwards to loop it at the top or finish one of the pair first and then go to the next. You can choose a process which is comfortable to you.

Since, for the first one of the pair, we created an anti-clockwise spiral, for the second bead, we need to create the opposite, i.e., a clockwise spiral.


HE pic 17



Again, hold the wire at the bend with your round nose pliers and bend the wire around the pliers in a clockwise direction.








HE pic 18




Make 2 spirals around.




HE pic 19





With your thumb shape the wire into a curve in the opposite direction.








HE pic 20


Bring it behind the back of the top loop and wrap around the previous wrap of the top loop. Cut the excess wire with cutters and close it up with chain nose pliers.




HE pic 21


There, you have both of them, mirrored in design and looking cute.





HE pic 22



Add the ear-wires and you are done!




Thank you for watching!! 🙂


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